Whether as a comprehensive IT provider or  supporting your in-house team, S90 will help leverage your technology as a valuable asset for your company.

:: Is Your Business Struggling with Technology?

When you’re wearing sweatpants while on an urgent Zoom call with upper management explaining problems like poor network security, compliance breaches, and increases in cyber insurance premiums, you may feel like you're failing to maintain your IT infrastructure. Outdated systems or software coupled with a tight IT budget contribute to a perfect storm of technology overload.

Without the right tools or support, the company will drown in a sea of IT problems when you're supposed to be the go-to-tech person who handles it all. Instead of relying on the old break/fix model of IT support, you need to upgrade your IT game. That's where S90’s TechOps can help.

:: Proactive > Reactive
Most IT support providers will give you the break/fix model but that's a thing of the past. Instead of waiting for something bad to happen, our tools and technicians are constantly scanning your infrastructure for threats.
:: Your One-Stop-Shop
From security to compliance and everything in between, S90 will help you manage it all. Our team of certified professionals has the experience and expertise to keep your systems secure and running optimally.
:: Accommodating Support Models
If you just want a faster network or need to meet HIPAA compliance, we'll give you the support you need. We can offer a full IT department or extend your in-house team with our expert services.
:: Budget-Minded Pricing
We understand that budget is a huge factor for many IT departments. That's why we offer flexible service plans designed to fit your needs and budget. Our team will work with you to find the best solution for your technology needs.

Ready to Partner with S90?

You don't want tech problems to slow down the business. With S90's IT support, you can manage your IT challenges and turn technology into a strategic advantage. We'll make you the tech hero your company needs! Our 20 years of experience span almost any industry but if we haven't worked with yours yet, we're confident we can tackle it! We'll work together to create an IT strategy that meets your business needs and budget.